10 Things WNBA Fans Can Do To Share the Fun!!!

When you are at a sports bar, ask that the closest TV be tuned to a WNBA or women’s college basketball game. Wear your WNBA team gear outside the arena - it's great advertising! Organize a "Let's Go to a WNBA Game" event for your co-workers. Support girls’ basketball in your community by mentoring, coaching, fund-raising and cheering. Challenge unfair, derogatory comments about women's basketball.  Staying silent lets people think you agree. Donate extra tickets to charity or to someone who otherwise couldn't go. Tell everyone how family-friendly and fun the WNBA games are. If … [Read more...]

Don’t Pick Your Pet’s Poison

Easter brings lots of cooking and candy.  It can also bring danger to our household pets.  Too few people know that Easter Lilies are highly poisonous to cats.  The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) website contains an excellent list of almost 400 plants that are toxic to cats and dogs, such as aloe vera and many kinds of ivy.  … [Read more...]

The Minnehaha Bunny

The Minnehaha Bunny has served as a gateway landmark for the Hale, Page and Diamond Lake Neighborhoods in South Minneapolis since its creation by Jeffrey Barber in 2002.  But the huge bronze rabbit has become so much more than that. It is a destination in itself, delighting children and adults with its whimsical and relaxed pose.  … [Read more...]

Stinky Documents

When we store food well past its expiration date, it starts to stink.  That bad smell reminds us to put it in the trash.  But unlike food, documents don’t send a clear and obnoxious signal when they should be thrown out.  The staggering volume of paperwork clutters our homes.  But it doesn’t have to.  The table below shows five bulky records we tend to keep past their usefulness.   DOCUMENT TYPE WHEN TO SHRED THEM Credit card bills and receipts After you check and pay each bill, unless needed for your tax return or a warranty. Bank statements At the end of each … [Read more...]

The Age of Ma’am

Article first published as The Age of Ma'am on Blogcritics. Women enter “The Age of Ma’am” at different times because The Age is not tied to a specific birthday. Instead, The Ma’am Age is similar to The Ice Age, in that it describes both an era and an environment. … [Read more...]

Arcosanti’s Beehives for People

Civilization moves forward on the feet of dreamers and builders.  Dreamers imagine the future while builders create passageways taking us there. Italian architect Paolo Soleri, 92, is one of those rare individuals possessing both a dreamer’s vision and a builder’s blueprint.  … [Read more...]

Why You Don’t Own Your Front Yard

Most Minneapolis home owners are shocked to learn they don’t own all of their front yard.  People assume that the public sidewalk abuts the residential property line.  That’s a logical assumption and one that holds true in St. Paul.  So why isn't it true in Minneapolis? … [Read more...]

Rugby – Utopia for Second Sons

Ever since Eden was lost, people have tried to discover or create the next utopia.  In 1880, famed British author and social reformer Thomas Hughes started an experimental utopian colony in Rugby, Tennessee.  Hughes rebelled against the materialism of the Victorian era and England’s primogeniture law. … [Read more...]

The Sculpture Mystery

Houses hold stories created by their inhabitants.  Sometimes the house itself contains the story’s physical record: the successively-higher pencil lines on a doorjamb showing a child’s growth; the secret hiding spot above the ceiling tile; the dusty box of letters left in a forgotten corner of the attic.  These relics provide unique connections from prior home owners to later ones. … [Read more...]

Rants from the Grocery Check-out Lane

Accept this as true: No matter which grocery check-out lane you pick, the other lanes will move faster.  So while you are waiting, why not stock up on some patience and compassion? These commodities languish on the shelves because too few people use them regularly. That frazzled check-out clerk didn’t get any sleep last night because she was taking care of a sick child. … [Read more...]

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