Radon and the Tooth Fairy

Remember when you were very young and it was easy to believe in things you couldn’t see, like the Tooth Fairy?   The Tooth Fairy was so cool, giving you money for something you no longer needed.  And even when the day came that your baby teeth or your belief were no more, the Tooth Fairy didn’t get mad at being ignored.  Good ol’  TF was never bad or harmful.

Many adults don’t believe radon exists because it’s as invisible as the Tooth Fairy.  Radon is also tasteless, odorless, and causes no immediate side effects.  But it’s a quiet killer that attacks you at home, causing lung cancer.  I highly recommend reading the Minnesota Department of Health’s brochure “Keeping Your Home Safe from Radon.”  It covers what you need to know in user-friendly text and pictures.

One in three Minnesota homes have dangerously high radon levels.  And the Twin Cities metro area falls within the highest risk zone.  The good news is that radon testing kits are cheap, easy to use, and can be bought on-line or at hardware stores.  If high levels are detected, there are relatively inexpensive ways to lower them.

Finally, savy home buyers increasingly request that sellers provide radon test results as part of the negotiations.   If you are trying to sell your home, get it tested now.  And if you plan to stay put, test it now to protect yourself.  With radon – what you can’t see can hurt you.



  1. Excellent article – I’m going to look into getting a test kit today. Thanks.

    • I’m very glad to hear the story motivated you to get a test kit. They usually cost about $10 but the peace of mind you can get from the results is worth many times that.

  2. Wait a second. So you’re saying that if I leave a tooth under my pillow, the radon fairy will come and give me esophageal cancer? What a crappy deal 😉

    • Paul-
      I’m pretty sure the radon fairy is just a figment of your imagination and not real like the Tooth Fairy, so you can relax. And if the radon fairy does exist, he would only come around if you left uranium under your pillow. So don’t do that. Besides, the radon fairy doesn’t want your incisors because he knows he “can’t handle the tooth.”

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