The Minnehaha Bunny

The Minnehaha Bunny has served as a gateway landmark for the Hale, Page and Diamond Lake Neighborhoods in South Minneapolis since its creation by Jeffrey Barber in 2002But the huge bronze rabbit has become so much more than that.

It is a destination in itself, delighting children and adults with its whimsical and relaxed pose.  It is a neighborhood icon that invites you to interact with it.  And people do.  Kids of all ages love to sit, climb, snuggle, pet and talk to it.  “Let’s meet at The Bunny” is a common refrain for residents strolling or biking in the area.

Annika, The Minnehaha Bunny and its baby bunnies

Located at the intersection of Minnehaha Parkway and Portland Avenue, The Minnehaha Bunny receives gifts year-round from admirers.  In winter, she often sports a huge scarf around the neck and long stocking caps on each ear.  I say “she” because when Spring comes, she is typically surrounded by hand-made baby bunnies.  The ones in this picture were created by students at nearby Hale School.  And in an amusing role reversal, people bring decorated eggs to The Bunny at Easter.

The statue’s creator gave it the formal name of “Cottontail on the Trail”, but The Minnehaha Bunny is its true name.  And the statue’s true purpose is to make people stop and have some fun.  Or at a minimum, to smile as they pass by.  At least that’s how I see it.

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  1. Veneta Lykken says:

    On (my) good days, the bunny is comforting and fun. But if my mood is in the gray zone, and the lighting is just right, the bunny can be, well, unsettling. I try not to make eye contact on my gray days. I’m just sayin…

  2. I can’t wait to take my son here. This bunny is so super cute! Is there a park near by??? What a photo opp this will be.

    • The Bunny lives across the street from the Minnehaha Parkway park that stretches along the Minnehaha Creek for miles. Great biking, strolling, people watching, picnic areas, etc. I’d love to see a photo of 5 dogs, a baby and a bunny!

  3. Joshua law says:

    Interesting. A giant bronze rabbit. I know minnesota has alot of hunters. Has any one ever shot the bunny in confusion?

    Im guessing its a stupid question to those who know the area, but not knowing Pale, Hage, or Diamond park from down town, i have no idea if this is a heavy hunting area or not.

    • No accidental shootings of the bunny I know about, but that may be just because Dick Cheney has never been in the neighborhood.

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