The Best Cure for a Bad Day

Happy New Year!!!  Are you still sore that I didn’t get you a Christmas present?  If so, I’ll try to make up by sharing my secret for curing those bad days we all have from time to time.  Even chocolate comes in second to this cure.  It’s free and it works whether your awful mood is caused by anger, loneliness, frustration or sadness.

When I am having one of those “Mama-said-there-would-be-days-like-this” , I head to the Animal Humane Society (AHS) in Golden Valley.   Once there, I pet cats of all colors and sizes until the blues are gone.  I often visit the dogs too, and the rabbits, and the birds and whoever else is in residence.  The AHS welcomes visitors who can’t adopt, but who want to spend a little time with a homeless animal craving attention.

Here’s something important you need to know.  The pets available for adoption at AHS are not subject to a doomsday clock.  As long as the animal’s health and temperament remain good, it has an unlimited time to find a new home.  That rule makes all the difference in creating a pleasant environment for patrons and the animals. 

I have found the people who regularly visit or volunteer at the animal shelter to be a kind and friendly group.  Giving and getting love from the animals makes everyone smile and strangers easily chat with each other.  I once met a woman with her two grade-school children who made a point of coming twice a week.  The family was going through emotionally-tough times and the mother called these visits “fur therapy.”

Unlike other activities used to “fix” a bad day such as over-eating or getting drunk, petting animals does not cause weight gain, acne or hangovers.  (It does, however, tend to cause hairy palms.)  And if you visit an animal shelter, I promise you will still respect yourself in the morning.  The dog you just adopted will respect you too.  But the cat won’t.  Nothing personal – it’s just against feline policy.

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