Color Conundrums

When it’s time to update a color scheme in your home, where do you turn for inspiration?  Traditionally, I looked for great color combinations at fabric stores.  I’d bring home swatches of the most intriguing ones to see how they worked in the room’s lighting.  It’s a practical low-tech, low cost way to play with color mixtures and textures.

I recently discovered a couple of websites that let you experiment with color.   The first website is  Simply move the cursor around the multicolored square and bar until you see a color you like.  Then click on one of four links to generate different types of color combinations.  This tool was created to help web designers select colors, but it works equally well in the real world.

The second site is  The site’s mission is to provide a creative community where people from around the world create and share colors, palettes and patterns, discuss the latest trends and explore colorful articles.”   I think of this space as a virtual fabric store and what a feast for the eyes!  The color schemes are grouped into categories such as home, business, crafts and fashion.  Visitors vote for their favorite designs so you can sort the choices by general popularity.  I’ve spent many happy hours lurking there.  Try it – you might become addicted too.

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