10 Things WNBA Fans Can Do To Share the Fun!!!

  1. When you are at a sports bar, ask that the closest TV be tuned to a WNBA or women’s college basketball game.
  2. Wear your WNBA team gear outside the arena – it’s great advertising!
  3. Organize a “Let’s Go to a WNBA Game” event for your co-workers.
  4. Support girls’ basketball in your community by mentoring, coaching, fund-raising and cheering.
  5. Challenge unfair, derogatory comments about women’s basketball.  Staying silent lets people think you agree.
  6. Donate extra tickets to charity or to someone who otherwise couldn’t go.
  7. Tell everyone how family-friendly and fun the WNBA games are.
  8. If you operate a business, surprise your favorite clients with tickets to a game.
  9. At sporting goods stores, ask for their WNBA section.  If they say they don’t have one, explain why they should.  
  10. Take young basketball players to a WNBA game.  Make sure they learn that these exceptionally-talented athletes not only graduated from college (many with honors), but also run their own businesses, raise families and do volunteer work in the community.  Now that’s a role model!

Have more ideas?  Share them in the comments! 

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