My Encounter with the X-Men

Well, maybe “encounter” is too strong a word for what happened.  “Being in the general vicinity of the X-Men movie production for a few days” is more accurate, but hardly rolls off the tongue. 

I recently returned from a family trip to Jekyll Island, off the coast of Georgia.   As happens all too often, I wasted no time showing those I just met exactly how unhip I am.  When our waitress exclaimed that “The X-Men are on the island!” I asked,  “What’s that, a musical group?”    You would not want me as your partner in a game of Trivial Pursuit.

The waitress was kind enough to explain that the X-Men are Superhero characters from a series of hit movies over the past few years.  Apparently, the very same years I was living under a rock, thus my ignorance.  The cast and crew were on the island for 3 months, making  the next thriller: “X-Men: First Class”.

So did I see any famous people?  Nope.  But I did see the state trooper who said we must detour because the road we wanted was closed for filming.   He saw Kevin Bacon earlier that day.  And part of the movie set was visible when walking along the beach although guards made sure that everyone stayed far away.  All this hoopla was new to me and mildly interesting.  

But I became fascinated with a chance discovery a few days later.  As I stepped out of the car one evening, a tightly folded paper lay at my feet.  My curiosity was much stronger than the “good hygiene fairy” who hissed in my ear,  “That’s nasty street garbage, don’t you dare pick that up, you don’t know where it’s been, yadda, yadda, yadda.”   I unfolded the paper and saw it was instructions to the X-Men cast and crew about that day’s production.   

I was awed by the complex coordination of so many activities as well as the tiny details listed on this page.    Forget the celebrities!!!  I wanted to meet whoever choreographs all these “behind the scenes” dramas!  The job required the refined skills of an orchestra conductor and an air traffic controller.  I’d love to hang out with that person for a day and just watch how it all happens.  

For those who are curious, click here to view the document.  But fair warning: it reveals a plot twist so if that would ruin the new movie for you, then just do what the state trooper said.  Move along, move along.  Nothing to see here…

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