Ten Things We Forget to Clean

A clean house improves the chances of selling faster and at a higher price.  You may have also heard the real estate maxim that “the way we live in our house is not the way it should be staged when up for sale.”  Similarly, properly cleaning a house that’s on the market differs from routine cleaning.   Sellers too often become oblivious to the details in their familiar surroundings while buyers are on high-alert to spot anything dirty.  So after your thorough cleaning is done, check the list below to see if you should keep scrubbing.

  1. Clean all lighting fixtures, both inside and outside.  Chandeliers especially need to sparkle.
  2. Wipe the baseboards.
  3. Remove all dirt and debris from the tracks of windows and sliding doors.
  4. Wash the window sills and screens.
  5. Scrub inside and under the microwave and stove, including the warming drawer.
  6. Clean the light switches, TVs, toilet paper holders, door knobs, books, bed headboards and footboards and picture frames.
  7. Wipe the kitchen cabinet pulls, hinges and detailing.  Toothbrushes and Q-tips work well on the hard to reach areas.
  8. Wash the closet shelves and remove dust on the clothes you haven’t worn in ages.
  9. Pull out the fridge, clean under it and vacuum the coils. 
  10. Use a shop vac on the exterior of air conditioning units and soffit vents.


  1. Great article for people like myself who sometimes fail to pay attention to detail.

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