Take It Off, Take It Half Off!!!

When your house is on the market, impressing potential buyers is critical.  Among other things, your home needs to feel spacious. Not the empty-and-abandoned kind of spacious, but the “look how my stuff fits nicely with room left over” kind of spacious. You can get that effect by halving certain things, like the ones mentioned below.

Bookshelves.  Take half of the books off.  Put 1-3 artsy objects at different spots on the shelves to add visual interest.

Closets should be half empty.  Store your out-of-season clothes somewhere else.  Donate excess stuff to charity.  Get rid of extra hangers- many dry cleaners accept them for recycling. 

Bathroom.  Hang your folded bath towel so half of the towel bar is kept bare.  Washcloths and handtowels should be displayed in a similar manner.  It may be necessary to install hooks or another towel bar.  After use, fold the bath rug in half and drape it over the side of the tub.

Walls.  If you have more than two large wall-hung items per room, you know the drill.  Take half off.

Storage areas.  The garage, linen closet and other storage areas need to be organized and again, half empty.

Kitchen cabinets.  Pack away the nice china, the holiday serving pieces and any kitchen gadgets used less than 4 times per month.

Open horizontal surfaces (such as side tables or mantels) should generally have no more than 1-3 items on them.  This is not the time to display your collection of knick-knacks, however dear they may be.  Sometimes “bare” is the best use of a horizontal surface.

Implementing these suggestions may require renting a storage space or borrowing part of someone else’s house.  That’s a hassle, but worth it because taking “half off” your house is an effective and relatively cheap way to impress buyers.  And who needs that much stuff anyway?



  1. I need to print this article for my mother-in-law, the queen of clutter!

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