Showing Prep for the Truly Clueless

OK, most of you can skip this post.  You already know this stuff.  But some people don’t and they also don’t know just how clueless they are.   So here are some of the most basic rules to prepare for a showing:

  • A pile of dirty dishes is not a “domestic sculpture” that will be appreciated by others.  If there’s no time to wash and put them away before a showing, at least hide them in the dishwasher.  Better yet, put the dirty dishes in a plastic bin and take them with you.  Ditto for that basket of dirty laundry.  
  • Sinks.  Clean.  No hair, toothpaste residue or soap scum allowed.  And use some elbow grease  on the kitchen sink – it needs to shine.  Barkeeper’s Friend is cheap and works well on the tub and shower too.
  • Underpants left on the floor are not decorative accessories.   Nope, not even if they are clean and provide a contrasting splash of color in the room.
  • Get rid of any pictures or objects that are potentially controversial or crass.  Ask one of your friends with good taste to identify what has to go.  Prepare yourself – it may be everything.
  • Make your bed.  And while your “good taste” friend is visiting, ask if it is time to buy new bedding.
  • Hang fresh towels in the bathroom.  If you have to choose, “clean” is more important than “matching.” 
  • Put the commode seat AND the lid down.  Just trust me on this one. 
  • If you have a cat, refresh the litterbox.  If you have a dog, take it with you.  Empty all trash bins and take the garbage out as you head to the car.  Now, off you go…
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