Pearl and Saber’s Story

Pearl and Saber are siblings born July, 2009  in Cannon Falls, MN.  No one knows their mother’s fate, but the two-week-old kittens were found in a hollow tree stump, frightened and hungry.  Nor do we know anything about the other half of the gene pool, but it’s rumored that the father was a one-night-stand kind of guy. 

Jackie, the kind soul who discovered these babies, rushed them to the local veterinary clinic.  Vet assistants Laura, Caroline and Dannette saved Pearl and Saber’s lives by providing 24/7 care, all on their own dime.   The kittens thrived and lived with Laura and hubby Doug until a permanent home could be found.  Their picture was eventually spotted on by people seeking a bonded pair of cats to love. 

Laura cried on the day they were adopted by the new folks, but felt it was the right thing because they were going to a good home.   Laura and Doug’s house then had two “vacancies” available for rescuing other animals.  At last report, that vacancy was occupied by an orphaned litter of five-week-old kittens. 

Since September 2010, Pearl and Saber have lived in Minnetonka, a Minneapolis suburb.  They own two humans they call “mommy” and “daddy.”  Pearl is a female with steely blue eyes and a tail she carries curved over her back.  She was a pure white kitten but later developed flamepoint markings.  Her fur feels like the softest cottonball – so soft that even seasoned veterinarians are startled when they first touch her.  She alternates between being “Destructo-o-Cat” on everything in her path and being “Quite-Endearing-Cat” to apologize for whatever expensive electronic equipment she just annihilated.

Saber is a male with green eyes and a shiny black coat that feels like heavy silk.  He has a touch of white at the throat that he calls his “bow-tie”, giving him a distinguished and elegant presence.  Saber also has an emerging Buddha Belly and is somewhat disgruntled that food is not served all-you-can-eat buffet style at this new home.  He is Mr. Mellow about everything except the timely arrival of the next meal.

Pearl and Saber are indoor-only cats, spayed/neutered, and probably half-Siamese.   Unlike some siblings, they get along well and regularly wash each other’s hard-to-reach places, like the back of the head.   They play hard and nap long.

So why is a cat story appearing in this real estate blog?  Because there’s lots more to life than real estate.  Plus, the cats have demanded to be featured on this website from time to time.  Don’t laugh at the idea – they don’t like that.  Trust me, I know.

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