Pearl and Saber Learn How to Gift-Wrap a Cat

Pearl and Saber are earning their Masters of Catness degrees through home-schooling. They decided to earn extra credits during the Christmas break in the hopes of graduating early. Saber enrolled them in a “Holiday Wrapping” course because he thought it was about hip-hop caroling.  They found out too late that it wasn’t that kind of rapping.

Here are Pearl and Saber in the Feline Learning Lab as the course gets underway.



Pearl, being a “front-row, Type-A” student, moves up for a closer look. She knows there will be a test later. In contrast, Saber suddenly decides to take the class on a pass-fail basis and nods off.



Pearl inspects the finer details of the wrapping technique. But her designer instinct tells her something is amiss.  It hits her: “Where is the bow?”



Pearl admires the jaunty tilt of the holiday bow on the finished package.  She intends to start practicing her gift-wrapping skills on the sleeping Saber in just a few minutes.   “Mommy! Where are the scissors and the scotch tape?” 


If you haven’t already seen the video that inspired this post, you simply must, if only to admire the extraordinarily sweet and patient kitty in the starring role.  You can find the video here.

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